What is Your Classroom Management Profile (Descriptive Study of Classroom Observation Program in SMART EI)

Asep Sapa’at
Email: syafaat_makmalian@yahoo.com


There are various ways how to improve and develop teacher’s competencies, namely selfmonitoring, audiotape & video tape recordings, student’s expectation, student’s test results, & classroom observation. They can be used as tools to evaluate the teacher’s competencies. Classroom observation program is the teacher’s professional development program in SMART Ekselensia Indonesia (SMART EI), a boarding school for marginalized students of Indonesia.

Descriptive research used in this study is to describe teacher’s competencies in teaching situation in classroom, that is teacher aspects (personality, mastery of subject matter, voice, clarity of explanation, openness to student’s opinion), teaching methodology aspects (organization, contextual, provoke critical thinking, motivator, class management, questioning technique), and student aspects (attention, participation, class starts on time). Subjects of this study is 30 teachers who are teaching in SMART EI. The data instruments consist of the results of class observation and notes of teacher’s reflection after teaching. The quantitative and qualitative methods used to analyze the data collected from the classroom observations.

Based on the results of data analysis found a few things as follows: (1) there is a significant correlation between teaching experience and teacher aspects; (2) no significant correlation between teaching experience and teaching methodology aspects; (3) there is a significant correlation between teacher aspects and student aspects, (4) there is a significant correlation between teaching methodology aspects and student aspects, (5) the teachers in SMART EI, at average have taught for 5,4 years, and they also teaching experience the longest 10 years and the shortest 8 months.

Keywords: teacher’s professional development, teacher’s competencies, teaching experience, classroom observation program



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