Using “Grasp” Strategy to Increase Student’s Reading Comprehension Ability


Reading is one of the language skills which must be taught in English classes of Senior High School students. Through the teaching and learning of reading, the students are expected to be able to comprehend the reading passages they read. However, it was found that even senior high school students still get some difficulties in finding general information in the passage, finding specific information, identifying main ideas, identifying explicit and implicit information. This condition is caused by several factors such as; students’ low motivation in learning English, students’ lack of vocabulary, students’ low ability in mastering the reading skills, the materials of the reading text, and the monotonous teaching technique.  The writer proposes the implementation of an appropriate method or strategy in teaching reading is urgently needed. Guided Reading and Summarizing Procedure or GRASP strategy to increase student’s reading comprehension ability.

Keywords: GRASP Strategy, Increase, Reading Comprehension




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