The Impact Study of Institut Kemandirian Dompet Dhuafa Program on Employment, Education, and Economic of Beneficiaries

Yulya Srinovita
Education Researcher, Dompet Dhuafa


Based on Statistics Indonesia (BPS), the number of unemployment in Indonesia from 2013 reaches 5.92%. As one of way to alleviate poverty by reducing unemployment rate, Dompet Dhuafa makes a role solution model through founding an Institut Kemandirian on May 23rd 2005. This Institut Kemandirian is subdivision of education. This study was conducted in Institut Kemandirian, the place where alumni work and human development agency. This study employed Tracer Study method. This research design was cross sectional, the gathering data (It is one of method of descriptive study) which the data is only gathered in a particular time. The data, which were used in this study, were primer and secondary data. Primer data were gathered through interview of Institut Kemandirian alumni, while secondary data were gathered through management of Education Dompet Dhuafa Division and also from management of Institut Kemandirian. Technique of gathering sample used stratified random sampling method. Classifying the alumni based on the year of graduation. The conclusions of this research can be seen from the the financial improvement of the alumni after graduating from Institut Kemandirian. First the education level, there are some changes heppened. 2 alumni of Institut Kemandirian have senior high school (SMA) education level. Now, they are college students at university. Second income, it was showed that some of the alumni who filled the quesionare or 45 participant incomes got 1-3 million, and 5 alumni got 3-5 million, and 2 alumni got more than 5 million. Third the appropriate profesion sample based on their job training at Institut Kemandirian, 56 or 70% alumnis got profesion is appropriate with their job training.

Keywords: Institut Kemandirian, tracer study, training



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