Roof Garden Recycling Model (RGRM): Alternative Technologies for Low Cost, Friendly Residential in Limited Area Urban Environment and Optimizing Recycled Materials

Achmad Suryadi*1 and Agustina Setiawati*2
1. Undergraduate Student, Library and Information Science, University of Indonesia,
2. Graduate Student, Hospital Management, University of Indonesia


Urban activity gives contribution on global warming. The density of urban society led to the need of space for the people, like residential and building as a center of their activity. On the other hand, this case rise ecology problem that is the decreases of green open field. Eco-friendly residential development becomes new paradigm. Roof Garden (RG) emerges as a new breakthrough to answer the lack of urban field by designing the roof of the building to become multifunction garden for reforestation and watershed. 1 m ² of RG filters 0,2 kg particles of dust aerosols and smoke each year, reduces the reflection of sound up to 3-8db, cools the building surface up to 27 °C and saves electricity consumption 50-70%. However, the high cost of RG construction make few people implemented it, this problem show that the technology is less effective. We need alternative technology to develop RG with low cost.

We propose Roof Garden Recycling Model (RGRM). Basically, it is the same concept as the general RG. The differences is in the planting container used, RGRM use outworn materials that can still be utilized. Total rubbish produced by the people all the world reaches 1.3 billion tons per year and predicted rising 70% in 2025. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, tires, newsprint, old pipes and broken glass is a waste that can be recycled into RGRM components that easy, inexpensive and environmental friendly. This material saves energy and reduces air pollution up to 95%. The material obtained from waste materials in household consumption makes it low cost. With its advantages, RGRM is a solution. Using green technology, it is an alternative in creating friendly environmental residential based on RG by utilizing recycle materials.

Keywords: Urban Society, Global Warming, Eco-Friendly Residential, Roof Garden, Recycling Model, Recycled Materials



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