Preparing Teachers and Students of SMART Ekselensia Indonesia for International Education Through English Development Program

Lisa Rosaline
English Teacher at SMART EI


SMART Ekselensia Indonesia is an accelerated non-profit boarding school which is presented to improve the marginalized dignity and prestige of Indonesian students from marginalized families. The vision of this school in 2014 is to go international and to apply international education. This school has “A” accreditation and received ISO certification. The teachers and students are from all around Indonesia and have passed some selection processes. Though, it has very reputable name, it still has some problems with English. The purpose of this paper is to share ideas concerning on the English Development Program in Smart Ekselensia and the impact of this program to the teachers and students. The first term of this program started from February to April 2013 which still be continued and evaluated. The participants of this program were 35 non English teachers and 175 students. This program consisted of English course for teachers, English day, English morning march and English literacy program. The evaluation results of this first term program shows that 90% of the teachers and the students are very motivated to practice their English as often as they want. In conclusion, this program could be applied in Smart Ekselensia Indonesia but it should be evaluated every three months. This program can also be applied in other schools to compare the results and further impacts.

Keywords: teachers, students, international education, english development.



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