Peer Assessment as an Alternative Assessment to Assess Stundent’s Ability in Learning English

Lisa Rosaline


Based on KTSP curriculum, students have to be active in the classroom. They have to be able to do exploration and elaboration stages when they are learning English. The students who study English have to master four skills which are reading,writing, listening and speaking. This research focused on peer assessment for writing and speaking skills. This paper intends to describe and analyze the use of peer assessment in ESL (English as Second Language) for Junior and Senior High School Students. For that purpose, it discusses the research conducted in August 2009. The setting was at Smart Ekselensia Indonesia (SMART EI) Junior and Senior High School.

The result of the study shows that by doing peer assessment on the speaking and writing skills, the students are able to express their ideas by analyzing their friends’ mistakes and giving some critics and opinion directly. The students are able to develop their confidence. Students can also benefit from using rubrics or checklists to guide their assessments. At first these can be provided by the instructor; once the students have more experience, they can develop them themselves.

It is suggested to use peer assessment on the classroom as as long as the teacher put the percentage as much as 60 : 40, 60 % from the teacher and 40% from the student. It is important because the teacher still can keep the objectivity of the assessment but still can involve the students to give assessment for their friends.

Keywords : Peer assessment, writing ability, speaking ability, KTSP curriculum



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