Improving Life Skills to Children in Orphanages by Providing A Place of Creativity on The Processing of Waste Plastics and Paper in Creating The Entrepreneurship


Childhood is a time of great happiness and joy which, they gathered with parents and brother to get intensive care for both physical grow thand mental development. However, not all children are born with the perfect raised in an intact family and happy. Noting frequently, because of lack of parental affection makes some children are not able to meet their daily need swell. In addition, rareorphans and orphans have a chance to get an education, both formal and non-formal. The orphanage serves as asocial institution that provides care parents for foster children; foster children are expected tobe able to createa quality, healthy, physically and spiritually. This study is an effort to improve life skills to children in orphanages by providing a place of creativityonthe processing of waste plastics and paper. The method use disdescriptive qualitative research which is to provide an over view of social issue sthrough data collected in the form of words and pictures. The results showed that the productis made from the whole will be distributed to agenciesor in the offerit self to the devotees. Besides, the low price, good qualityas well as pass arigorous sorting. So, hopefully will bein foster careafter being discharged from the orphanage already has astock of knowledge and skills in order to make ends meet and be able to continue living with out being dependent to others (independent living) and entrepreneurship.

Keywords: life skills, orphanages, entrepreneurship



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