Geothermal Energy: Best Solution to Reduce Emissions in Indonesia

Rivan Tri Yuono
Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University Of Indonesia


Environmental issues have become a big issue in the world. It’s associated with the development in a globalizing world that focuses on research related to human needs, namely the field of industry, technology, and energy. The challenge ahead is how to advance these fields without forgetting the environmental aspects. Environmental issues are certainly felt by all countries in the world, not least in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country located in the subduction zone. This makes Indonesia have large energy reserves, reserves of fossil energy such as oil, gas, and coal, and also non-fossil energy such as geothermal energy, water, wind, and sun. Even the mineral wealth is very abundant in Indonesia. Its growth was very significant. However, progress in the field of energy development cause new problems, namely environmental issues. Due to the fact that Indonesia is still very dependent on fossil energy, especially oil. Carbon emissions resulting from fossil energies have an impact on the environmental conditions in Indonesia. Geothermal is one form of energy available in Indonesia are a number of very abundant. This energy is well-known environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable. Geothermal energy can be an alternative solution for the independence and energy security in Indonesia without forgetting the environmentally friendly.

Key words: Carbon Emissions, Geothermal Energy, Environmentally Friendly



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