Critical Research of The Developing of Teacher Competence Trough Lesson Study

Asep Sapa’at
Director of Sekolah Guru Indonesia – Dompet Dhuafa


Students who are expected in the educational process are the students who able to think critically and creatively, to solve real-life problems, responsible, and able to learn independently. Teachers who have professional competence become a necessity to produce students that are expected of the educational process. Consequently, need to be done various efforts to develop teacher competence continuously. Lesson study as one of the educational innovations is an alternative solution to optimize all efforts towards the realization of a professional teacher. This article presents about what, why, and how the teacher’s profiles and competency; how to determine which teachers are competent in teaching; what, why, and how lesson study is implemented; and best practices implementation of lesson study in several countries.

Keywords: competency, teachers, implementation, lesson study



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